Bagiskartan!eko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Mon, March 01, 2010 18:07:26

Kolla in Bagarmossen Community Green Map!

Stockholm Open Green Map winner of the Living Labs Global Showcase Award Stockholm Category!eko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Mon, March 01, 2010 18:00:17

The cities of Barcelona, Caceres, Chicago, Eindhoven, La Selva, Oeiras, Sant Cugat, Stockholm and Taipei, have joined Living Labs Global to announce the solutions selected to address major societal challenges. 43 international jurors reviewed 317 entries for the Living Labs Global Showcase Award from 28 countries and 140 cities around the world.

11 winners, now invited to implement their solutions in the participating cities, were announced the 14th of February at an Award Ceremony held in Sant Cugat del Valles with participation of 150 international Mayors and business leaders.

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two questions. . .eko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Alex Tue, August 04, 2009 15:25:40

Anyone know a second-hand clothing shop in Stockholm that buys clothes?

Anyone know a handy carpenter type person that would be interested in installing a custom door inside my apartment? (one fixed panel, one standard door in 1.2m opening)



Trädkarta i Botkyrkaeko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Tue, June 23, 2009 09:55:50

Blog imageKolla in det här fina projektet i Botkyrka som Vintage Plant håller i.

Tack för fin fest!eko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Thu, June 18, 2009 10:56:45

Thank you everyone that participated in the Stockholm Open Green Map bike ride party launch! And a reminder - you can invite people to take part in this blog if you want to, just send them an invite. I think I'm going to start to post messages here so that everyone knows what's going on and can take part in our activity also if they're not so engaged in the work otherwise.

Have a beautiful midsommer! Glad midsommar!


Release Fest Picseko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Alex Wed, June 17, 2009 16:23:54

Blog image
Pictures of Bike Parade

Blog image
Blog image
Max powers the LED lights with a special bicycle (green maps in back)
Blog image
A family in Amsterdam put on a live performance that we projected x3 on a giant inflatable ball!

Green Map Thesiseko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Alex Wed, June 17, 2009 16:11:25

A big congratulations to green mapmaker Akiko Sasaki!

Akiko just presented her Masters Thesis in Spatial Planning at Kungliga Tekniska högskolan with a paper titled "Public Participation through Mapping: Green Map System & Sociotope Mapping. Case Study Bagarmossen, Stockholm."

Wonderful job- can't wait to read the full text!

OPEN GREEN MAP RELEASE FESTeko, stockholmgreenmap

Posted by Fri, June 05, 2009 01:25:23


Releasefest för Stockholm Open Green Map, Cykel-Candy-tour med pimpade bikes och dansande divor, piroger, piloter och en hel värld inklusive dig som vill fira världsmiljödagen på HAP!

World Environment Day - Friday 5 June 2009

15.00 Pimp-Your-Bike Workshop at Candyland, Gotlandsgatan 76, Södermalm
17.00 Assembly at Candyland, Gotlandsgatan 76, Södermalm
~17.45 Candy Bike Ride
18.00 Björns trädgård, Medborgarplatsen, Södermalm
20.00 Hammarby Art Port, Release Party

Entrance 50 SEK (cash only). Free entrance for all who join the Bike Ride!

Hosts: Hammarby Artport, Stockholm Green Map.

Gemensam fest med NYC, Kapstaden, Jakarta, Santiago m.m.
Mer info snart!